One Church Service Survey

Please complete the Session’s Survey by December 23, 2018


Dear Friends in Christ:

As the year comes to a close, we reflect on how we can best serve our congregation, neighborhood, and community to invite all into a dynamic relationship with Christ. Consider that:

  • The Chapel service was started in 2014,

  • Wednesday Night programming has since been added,

  • Community VBS kicked off this year,

  • Second Sunday Lunch has been reinstated,

  • Sunday School has morphed, for the most part, into midweek bible studies. However, the Mixed -Adult Sunday School class is strong and well attended and meets before the Sanctuary Service.

  • A number of Bible studies and small groups meet during the week at the same time of Children’s Discipleship.

... and yet none of these things are set in stone. Second Presbyterian is a living church and it is our stated call to meet people at their point of need. Because of this your Session has put together this survey to consider options including the possibility of worshipping together again in one service.

Going forward, how may we best serve the Kingdom of God and our congregation as a whole?

Your input is valued and appreciated. Please take a few minutes to consider the possible move to one service and provide us with some feedback via the survey below by December 23rd.

And know that the door is open. Should you care to discuss this further please reach out to me or to a church leader to continue the conversation.