Frequently Asked Questions

What time is your Sunday School and worship service?

Sunday School classes meet at 9:30 a.m. in the Education Building (the big building that doesn’t have a steeple) and breakfast is served at 9:00 if you’d like to eat beforehand. There are Sunday School classes for all ages. Our worship service is at 10:30 a.m. in the Sanctuary. Find out more about our worship service here →

How long is your worship service?

Our service is about an hour long (give or take a few minutes). Afterwards, everyone is invited for punch, snacks, and continued fellowship on the portico - or the Fellowship Hall in the Education Building across the way if the weather is not suitable. The 2nd Sunday of each month we enjoy lunch together after worship either in the fellowship hall or in the park, to which everyone is invited.

What should I wear?

People dress in all different styles at Second Church, from formal to casual. We believe that God cares far more about your heart than your fashion, so we encourage you to dress in a way that honors God and is comfortable for you. 

Where can I park?

Fortunately, we’ve been blessed with a good bit of space for a downtown church. Parking lots can be found behind the church at the corner of John St. and Elizabeth St. and in front of the church on Ashmead Place, as well as on-street parking to the side of the church on Charlotte Street.

Do you have childcare?

Childcare is available for both Sunday School and our worship services. Parents are asked to bring their kids to the worship service, where at the indicated time children in first grade and younger are escorted to the Education Building for children’s Sunday School.

What is the worship like?

Worship at Second Church is built upon a rich classical tradition and the services are filled with beautiful organ and choral music and a mix of both contemporary and traditional congregational hymns. We also have a wonderful handbell choir who perform about twice a month. Approximately four times a year, we welcome the Charleston Gospel Choir to join our service and they provide sounds to behold and celebrate. 

Do you serve communion?

We joyfully serve communion the first Sunday of each month. All baptized believers are welcome at the table. Children are encouraged to walk through the communion process with their families and, since all baptized believers are welcome at the table, your child can receive communion too. If you would rather they wait, they can still walk up with you and witness others taking part.

I’m from a (fill in the blank) denominational background. Is that OK?

Of course! Second Church’s congregation has members from Baptist, Methodist, Episcopal, non-denominational and a host of other religious backgrounds. While we adhere to the democratic organizational structure of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and are proud of our rich Reformed heritage, we believe that there is only one name by which God identifies us, and that is by the name of Christ. We are Christians first!

Where can I find out more about the Presbyterian Church (USA)?

If you’re interested in learning more about the Presbyterian Church (USA), we encourage you to visit the denominational website at for more information.