We serve a generous Lord and we are pleased to offer a variety of ways for our members to support our church and community through online giving. Members can now give through the secure online payment system, Stripe, as well as make online pledges throughout the year. 

The advantages of online giving are:

  • You don't have to fill out an envelope and check each week

  • Your offerings will be paid even if you are not in church

  • You can easily look up your giving online at any time

  • A permanent record is kept of your giving

If you do choose to give online, please consider increasing your contribution by 3% considering the convenience fees (2.9% + 30¢) associated with processing online payments.

If you have questions about online giving, please contact the church office.

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pride walk & Lunch

We ask for the delight in both your encouragement and support in joining other members of this church in a 1.8 mile walk promoting love and unity, in the spirit of reflecting that our house, being God’s house, has no borders, bounds or walls, and that truly all are welcome.

Registration is $15* per person, which goes directly toward church t-shirts and food for a lunch hosted at the church at the conclusion of the parade. If you would be so called to join us on the walk, at the lunch, or through your support, please sign up!

If you would like to join the Pride Walk, please fill out the form to register and submit with the $15 fee via the GIVE button above (include description: pride), in the offering plate, or deliver to the church office. Find more information about the event here.

*Online payments $16 please

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Second Presbyterian Church is designated "Historical Site Number One" by the Presbyterian Church of the United States. For over two hundred years, the light from the steeple of The Second Presbyterian Church of Charleston and Its Suburbs, as it was named in 1809, has been a beacon providing direction for sojourners on the sea and the sea of life. We are committed to serving our still-creating God in ways that are yet to be imagined!

Last year the property committee oversaw extensive studies of the materials that make up our buildings. The studies concluded that the structure is sound and a fund has since been founded to paint the steeple. Under the leadership of Patterson Smith and the Property Committee, the Mixed Adults Sunday School class helped kick off a fund to paint the steeple as they pledged significant contributions in early 2019.

The Steeple Fund now has $67,750 pledged and $57,525 raised toward the $100,000 goal. Estimates are being submitted and work is expected to begin soon.

If you feel so called to contribute toward the preservation of Second Presbyterian Church, please contribute via the GIVE button above (include description: Steeple), in the offering plate, or deliver your donations to the church office.

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To celebrate the addition of the new Glory to God hymnals, we are looking to continue the tradition of memorializing pew hymnals. If you would like to have a hymnal memorialized, please fill out the form and submit with a $20* donation via the GIVE button above (include description: hymnal), in the offering plate, or deliver to the church office.

Donations collected for hymnal memorials will be used to purchase additional hymnals.

*Online payments $21 please