Second Presbyterian Church is a congregation with members from every walk of life, different generations, diverse backgrounds and cultures, all united by the love and grace of Jesus Christ and our desire to glorify and enjoy God. One way we express our unity and the continuity of Christ’s Church is through our traditional worship service, which is held each Sunday at 10:30 a.m. This service is rooted in Reformed principles of worship which have guided Presbyterians and other Reformed churches for centuries, while it still seeks to inspire true worship which is fresh, vital, and joyful.

If you’re looking for a church where your doubts are respected and your questions taken seriously, where you are encouraged to participate and where you can make a difference, consider Second Church - brimming with life, community and outreach in response to the love and grace of God. You will find an historic congregation known for its friendliness, inclusivity, and heart for service to all God’s people.

This Service is guided by several ideals:

  • We are Christ-centered

  • We are Covenental

  • We are Traditional

  • We seek to be Scriptural

  • We are Participatory

  • We are Reverent

  • We are Joyful

  • We seek Excellence

Communion Service is on the first Sunday of each month. All baptized believers are welcome at the table. Children are encouraged to walk through the communion process with their families and, since all baptized believers are welcome at the table, your child can receive communion too. If you would rather they wait, they can still walk up with you and witness others taking part.

Childcare is provided, though children are welcome in the service. The nursery is available in the Education Building, but children are invited into worship and then to children’s choir rehearsal (or the nursery) following the Children’s sermon. Sunday School options for the whole family at 9:30.