Darwin Week Science and Religion Event

Darwin Week Science and Religion Event

The End of Adam and Eve

a presentation and discussion by Dr. Ronald Cole-Turneron theology and the science of human origins

Good theology takes the latest science seriously. Dr. Cole-Turner brings together the most recent findings in the sciences of human origins, like interbreeding with Neanderthals and the re-dating of the first tools and cave art, and a strongly Christian theological vision of humanity that is created through evolution for unity and completion in Jesus Christ.

Dr. Cole-Turner is the H. Parker Sharp Professor of Theology and Ethics at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and an ordained minister of the United Church of Christ.  He is the author, co-author or editor on nine volumes on issues at the intersection of science, technology and the Christian faith.  He has served on the advisory committee for the Program of Dialogue in Science, Ethics and Religion of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.  He is also a founding member of the International Society on Science and Religion

Date and Time:  Sunday, February 12 – 7:00 pm

Where:  2nd Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall

342 Meeting St, Charleston   

Souper Bowl of Caring

On Sunday, Feb 5th, join this nationwide, youth-led effort that our church participates in every year. Members of our congregation are encouraged to give a donation as they are leaving worship services on Souper Bowl of Caring Sunday. The donation goes towards a local mission of the youth's choosing.

Stand-Up Sunday



First, it identifies the problem. We’ve done that! Our state has the fifth-deadliest rate of gun homicides and exports the fifth-highest rate of guns used in crimes in other states. We can’t keep letting guns fall into the wrong hands while so many families are being shattered.

Second, it forms a team to address the problem. We’ve done that, too! In the year and a half since the Emanuel AME killings, Gun Sense SC has created a membership of over 1,200 South Carolinians — clergy, health-care professionals, teachers and volunteers from all walks of life — who support the Second Amendment right to lawfully own firearms but know that we can’t keep allowing 22% of guns to be acquired without background checks.

Third, it links arms with groups who care . . . and that’s what Stand-Up Sunday on Jan. 29 — or Stand-Up Sabbath if your congregation meets on a different day that weekend — does. Last year over a thousand SC congregations stood together on Stand-Up Sunday to address gun violence and to ask our legislators to close the dangerous gaps in our gun laws. Let’s make Stand-Up Sunday 2017 even bigger!


  • Your congregation cares about 32,000 Americans a year dying from gun violence and South Carolina suffering the fifth-highest rate of gun homicide.
  • The South Carolina Christian Action Council has endorsed Stand-Up Sunday for all SC congregations.
  • 84% South Carolinians want background checks on ALL gun purchases. That’s 82% of Republicans and 86% of Democrats. Nationally, 83% of gun owners agree.
  • Stand-Up Sunday doesn’t threaten the 2nd Amendment right to lawfully possess guns.
  • It’s more vital now than ever that the overwhelming majority make its voice heard to keep guns from falling into the wrong hands.

To find the name and contact information for the state senator and state representative in your voting district, go to:  http://www.scstatehouse.gov/legislatorssearch.php

To access a form letter that you can send to your legislators, click on link: Individual letter

To access a form letter that your congregation can send to your legislators, click on link: Congregational letter to legislators

Second Edition Book Club

The January meeting was a real change of pace as Second Edition Book Club reads We are Charleston: Tragedy and Triumph at Mother Emanuel.  As you all may be aware, this is the story of tragedy that affected so many of our neighbors told by Herb Frazier, Dr. Bernard Edward Powers, Jr., and Marjory Wentworth.  It is described as a fight not only for freedom and civil rights, but also for grace and understanding.  We hope this choice of a Charleston topic affecting our congregation will encourage some who do not normally attend to join them on Tuesday, January 17th at 6:30 PM. They will be meeting at the home of: Ann Abel, 2450 Sylvan Shores Drive, Charleston, SC 29407. Enjoy the book and bring your friends!

Tea Room

Join us for cake & tea as we raise money to benefit our Missions programs.