Church Leaders

effective July 1, 2017


Class of 2018: Sue Henderson, Brad Milner, Marion Mitchell, Laura Ott
Class of 2019: Debra Gammons, Jerald Hucks, AJ Manett, Aled Pritchard
Class of 2020: Dave Jackson, Sarah Morton, Tina Smith, Nathan Walker


Class of 2018: Ruth Carr, Allyson Carrington, Sarah Mitchell, Meredith Mosny
Class of 2019: Cathy Lipp, Susan Lovell, Dolly Hamlin
Class of 2020: Erin Mellen, Sarah Mitchell

Session & Diaconate Teams and Leaders

Nominating: Dolly Hamlin, Liz McNulty, Erin Kerr, Waring Howe, Peter Rupert, AJ Manett, James Hackett, Cress Darwin (ex-officio)
Administrative & Planning: Claire Freeman
Christian Education: Sue Henderson
Finance: Peter Rupert, Debra Gammons
Grounds: Brad Milner
Decorating: Sue Henderson
Investments: Heath Beam
Missions: David Savard
Property: Patterson Smith
Stewardship: Laura Ott
Music & Worship: Pat Mellen, Claire Freeman
Care: OPEN
Presbyterian Women: Sue Henderson
Presbyterian Men: OPEN
Church Historian: Pat Mellen


Spence Roddy, President
Patterson Smith, Vice President
Peggy Hay, Secretary


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