The Chapel is Second Presbyterian's 9:30 am service. It's 50 minutes long, minimalist, retro, and distinctly more casual. It's not your mom's church, it's more like your grandma's church out in the country, with a little technology thrown in. We'll praise God with hymnals and a piano, hear the Word proclaimed through a rotating team of preachers, ask a few questions via text or by raising your hand, and be encouraged to continue the conversation over donuts and coffee.

If you’re looking for a church where your doubts are respected and your questions taken seriously, where you are encouraged to participate and where you can make a difference consider Second Church - brimming with life, community and outreach in response to the love and grace of God.

Come wake up a little early on Sunday and join us at The Chapel. Your soul will thank you for it.

Q: Am I expected to dress a certain way?

A: We recommend...clothes. Some people wear suits and dress, others casual clothes, and a few even wear workout clothes.

Q: What kind of people will be there?

A: The Chapel is an intimate intergenerational gathering, so you will find a mix of young families, college students, young professionals, established professionals and retirees. We're politically diverse with lots of religious backgrounds, but we've found a home following Jesus in the Reformed tradition.

Q: Is there childcare?

A: Yes, thank God! There is nursery care and instructional Sunday School. The nursery is available shortly before the service begins and older students are invited to go to Sunday School during announcements in worship (about 9:40 a.m.).

Q: Do you really want me to ask questions?

A: Please. It's boring without questions. Did you know that the word "sermon" comes from a Latin word "sermo," which means "discourse," and even "conversation"? That's what we want here. You can text in your questions anonymously and we'll try to address a handful shortly after the sermon.

Q: Do you actually start on time?

A: Believe it or not, we do. We aim to get done by 10:20 a.m., allow for some time to hang out over donuts and coffee, and then continue our conversations over coffee at Kudu or over brunch.

Anything else you may want to ask...just send an email to Colin Kerr

Our Rotating Preaching Team:

Rev. Cress Darwin (Pastor of Second Presbyterian)

Cress Darwin is a Texas boy, born and raised in Fort Worth where he attended Texas Christian University. He received a BFA in theatre with a secondary focus on broadcast media. These interests led him to New York City where he was actually able to make a living as a “New York actor,” off-Broadway producer and television writer/producer specializing in documentaries for the A&E network series, Biography. He is married to the former Rebecca Wesson from Columbia, SC, whom he met in New York on a Super Bowl Sunday. Rebecca is a magazine publisher and executive. She and Cress have two young daughters, Lily and Sarah. Cress received his M.Div. from Princeton Seminary, taught in the Speech and Communications Department and earned a Masters of Theology in ethics.         

Colin Kerr

Colin Kerr is the Director of Campus and Young Adult Ministry for the Charleston-Atlantic Presbytery, leading The Journey at the College of Charleston and The Citadel military college. He is author of three books and has also been a contributor in the Charleston Post and CourierPatheos and Relevant magazine. Colin can be found anywhere there is beach volleyball and surfing, but his landlocked activities usually revolve around good coffee and craft beer. He’s married to a very feisty nurse and bartender named Alexis and is currently a seminarian at the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary.