Fifth Sunday after Epiphany, Communion Sunday

Dear Friends in Christ –

I often speak of the narrative sweep of the Bible as God’s love song to God’s people. And so this Sunday we’ll engage two texts starting with Isaiah 40 and ending with Mark 1:29-39.

The 40th chapter of Isaiah is known as the beginning of Consolation. A fresh voice speaks of comfort, of promise, of restoration by the cosmic God who is “everlasting, the creator of the ends of the earth."

We continue in Mark, continuing in the first chapter, as Jesus has returned from the desert, taught in the synagogue and exorcised a demon. He leaves the synagogue. He and his disciples stop by Simon and Andrew’s house. Simon (soon to be renamed as Peter) discovers his mother-in-law feverish and in bed. Jesus restores her. “He came and took her by the hand and lifted her up.”

Men and women, the cosmic God and the comforting God are one and the same. From across the centuries we are given hope, inspiration and evidence of the one who does not abandon, who creates, who meets us at our point of need and lifts us up.

Aren’t we in need of a little lift? Come worship our never-failing God of the ages. See your friends. Meet the recent arrivals. Welcome the seeking and hear the combined choirs of the First and Second Presbyterian Churches of Charleston!

In anticipation –