Fifth Sunday of Lent Snapshot

For the past several weeks Lenten sermons have been inspired by Paul’s admonition to the young, struggling church at Ephesus to “Put on the full armor of God.”  The series of sermons has drawn from Ephesians 6:10-19 by examining the components of God’s armor: the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the foot coverings of the gospel of peace, the shield of faith.

We live in an era of frequent estrangement and hostility in many aspects of life, so putting on armor fit for fighting OTHERS seems feasible, right?  NO!  Paul is very clear that the enemy is not “flesh and blood.”  The real enemies are often intangibles — “principalities.”  It is ideas and emotions and faith—or lack of faith— that inform our decisions, our loyalties, our values, and our actions.

This week we are issued via scripture yet another part of God’s armor: “the helmet of salvation.”  For a human brain to think with the mind of Christ ... Ah what a blessing to this hurting world!

- Rev. Gale Cooper


REV. GALE COOPER is our guest preacher this Sunday. She was born in Windsor, England before immigrating with her family and growing up in Richmond, VA. She and her husband, Elliott, have two adult, married daughters- including our own Cathy Lipp- and three grandsons. She is looking forward to her 50th wedding anniversary coming up this year. Gale is currently a volunteer chaplain with Coastal Crisis Chaplaincy and Bishop Gadsden Retirement community. Being a wife, mother, friend, priest, artist, and writer have been the main blessings of her life. She likes to paint, sew, read, be with friends and travel.